Bill Maher and Roger Stone Agree! The War on Weed is Failed Policy

“Celebrating his 420th show with conservative surrogate Roger Stone, Bill Maher discovered he and Stone agree on at least one topic: the war on weed has been an abysmal failure.

Despite Trump’s repeated promises throughout the 2016 campaign to allow individual states to dictate their own marijuana policies, his Atty. Gen., Jeff Sessions, has had no such epiphany.

Stone, a loyal advisor for the Trump campaign – and a principal player ensnared in the unfolding Russian investigation – said that Trump’s’ Attorney General is dead “wrong” when it comes to marijuana. Last week, while taping Maher’s 420th episode of Real Time, the hardened political advisor offered some sage advice to Pres. Trump, “He needs to get his attorney general in line.”

No fan of the GOP or its social policies, Maher focused the end of their conversation on the one topic he and Stone agree on, legalizing pot. “You think Jeff Sessions is wrong to be such a hard-ass on marijuana,” Maher asked Stone before making the obvious pun. “Is that because you yourself are a Roger Stoner?” Fast on his feet and honest with his response, Stone answered, “Only when I’m in the states where it’s legal.” Stone concluded, “Candidate Trump said we should let the states decide. He was absolutely right.”

Bill Maher and Roger Stone Agree! The War on Weed is Failed Policy

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