Roger Stone, Former Trump Campaign Manager, Urges Feds To Allow Marijuana Industry Under Respect for State’s Rights

“The marijuana industry has some strange bedfellows, but Roger Stone, former campaign advisor to President Donald Trump, might be the strangest. Stone has urged Trump to follow through on his campaign promise to allow states to regulate marijuana without federal interference, pointing to the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue states like Colorado, Oregon, and Washington have collected since legalizing adult-use.

In an interview with The Intercept, Stone, who consulted Trump during his presidential campaign for three months, warned that President Trump could do damage to his base of passionate supporters, especially the young, libertarian voters, if he goes after recreational marijuana.

Stone says the “intellectual inconsistency” of Trump supporting states’ rights to legalize medical marijuana but threatening greater enforcement against the recreational sector of the industry, could be “harmful to the Trump coalition” who voted for him as a supporter of limited federal government, Stone said.”

Roger Stone says Federal MJ crackdown will lead to state bankruptcies.

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