Trump Adviser Urges Him to Keep Sessions From Harassing State-Legal Pot Suppliers

“Tens of millions of Liberty minded Americans believed him when he said this and took his message to heart, fully expecting him to end the ineffectual and wasteful War on Weed,” Stone writes. “I urge President Trump to honor his word and keep his promise, irrespective of what his Cabinet members may say. There are so many other ways that law enforcement can be put to good use rather than to persecute harmless farmers and shopkeepers who are abiding by State law.”

Stone says Sessions’ anti-pot prejudices should not dictate federal policy. “As a product of the Religious South, it is natural that AG Sessions would take the dimmest view of marijuana,” he writes. “Jeff Sessions states his position plainly: ‘Good people don’t smoke marijuana.’ This plainly false statement, made in all earnestness, clearly demonstrates how far from the mainstream Sessions is on this topic. Very few Americans would agree with him on this, as evidenced in the wave of legalization that washed over the United States over the past five years.”

Trump Adviser urges him to keep Sessions off of state legal MJ industry

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