New York – Roger Stone, longtime political advisor to President Donald J. Trump and subject of the hit Netflix documentary “Get Me Roger Stone” and Orlando Trial Attorney and potential Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida John Morgan today unveiled the United States Cannabis Coalition, a bi-partisan, pro-cannabis non-profit project dedicated to persuading federal decision makers — including the president – to support the states’ rights when it comes to marijuana laws. The USCC is a project of the United States Freedom Coalition.

Morgan practices law at Morgan and Morgan — one of the country’s pre-eminent personal injury law firms — and was largely responsible for the successful constitutional amendment to legalize medicinal marijuana in Florida. Stone has been advocating for legalization throughout his storied career in the political arena.

The coalition’s principal goal is to urge President Trump to honor the pledge he made during the 2016 campaign to support the states’ authority to legalize possession and distribution of cannabis. To date, 29 states have exercised this authority to various degrees.

“I am highly confident that Donald Trump will protect the access of millions of Americans including our veterans who are currently using cannabis for medicinal purposes” said Stone, who has been a formal and informal advisor to Donald Trump for over 40 years. “I am confident the President will keep his pledge.”

Both Stone and Morgan said that the new coalition which includes a cross section of Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians and Progressives would also urge the President to change the classification of marijuana from a Schedule 1 drug where it is currently grouped with LSD and heroin. Such a move would allow doctors to prescribe it for patients who they believe would benefit.

Derrick Kitts, the former producer of NBC’s Morning Joe will serve as a Senior Consultant to the Coalition and Ryan Criscuolo of Denver, Colorado will serve as Executive Director.

“All Americans can and should come together to stop the war on marijuana. It can no longer be a Schedule 1 narcotic. Pain, disease, and mental illness don’t pick political parties – just people. This is the perfect issue for ‘strange bedfellows’ to come together on and WIN,” said Morgan.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly have both called for a crackdown on marijuana and resumption of the enforcement of Federal laws prohibiting marijuana possession and distribution in the states that have legalized cannabis in contravention of President Trump’s stated position during the campaign.

“The Obama Administration wisely suspended aggressive enforcement of federal laws regarding marijuana possession and distribution,” said Morgan, “Attorney General Eric Holder’s directive on the subject chose to respect states’ rights.  Unbelievably, now Sessions and Kelly, egged on by the likes of Governor Chris Christie and the new FBI Director, want to void the Holder directive, revive the war on drugs, and prosecute those who are making legal medicinal marijuana available even though their boss has indicated that he doesn’t share their draconian views on the subject.” Morgan concluded.

Stone noted that Sessions had written Congress specifically requesting authority to wage a crackdown on medicinal marijuana after House Republicans passed an appropriations amendment prohibiting the Attorney General from doing so. Former presidential Press Secretary Sean Spicer also said a crackdown was coming on more than one occasion.

“The results on legalized marijuana are in” said Morgan. “Opioid deaths are down, opioid related crimes are down, all classes of petty crime are down while state and county revenues have soared. More importantly millions of Americans including our Veterans are getting the medicine they need.”

“These Trump administration officials are disserving the president and ignoring the forthright position he took during the campaign,” said Stone who served as Chairman of Donald Trump’s Presidential Exploratory Committee in 2000 and was a paid consultant to Trump’s exploratory efforts in 2012. Stone resigned from Trump’s 2016 campaign only to reemerge as one of the most active and effective Trump surrogates. He is the author of the bestseller “The Making of the President 2016 – How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution”.

Joining Stone and Morgan on the USCC advisory board at launch are Fox News Legal Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, WBAI radio commentator and Democratic US Senate candidate Randy Credico Senator Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg), Omar Navarro Republican Candidate for Congress 43rd District – CA, Congressman Matt Gaetz R- Fla., NY State Senator Diane Savino (D-Bronx), Christian Josi  Former Executive Director American Conservative Union, Assemblyman Ron Castorina, Chairman Staten Island Republican Committee, Director of the National Indian Cannabis Coalition Jeff Doctor, Former California Superior Court Judge and 2012 Libertarian Party candidate for Vice President Jim Gray, Elizabeth Everett Texans for Trump, longtime columnist and activist Deroy Murdock,  Pastor Mark Burns, Easley S.C. , CATO Institute Scholar Doug Bandow, State Rep. Shamed Dogan R- Mo, Guardian Angels Founder and Chairman of The New York State Reform Party Curtis Sliwa,  Sgt Gary Wiegert St. Louis Police Dept, State Rep. Ethan Orr (R-Tucson)- Partial List Advisory Board in formation

“It is our intention to identify, reach, and mobilize, millions of pro-cannabis voters to urge the president to keep his word. It is our intention to press the Trump Administration from the top down to recognize the medicinal value and economic potential of cannabis” said Stone. “We have an innovative, outside the box strategy to win this important fight and I am confident that with our support, the president will ultimately keep his word and do the right thing.”

“In the event that the Trump administration does not keep faith with the millions of voters whose medicinal marijuana he promised to protect, we are prepared to take our bi-partisan effort to both houses of Congress to legalize cannabis and its sale federally.” Said Morgan. “With a coalition of Libertarian-minded Republicans and progressive Democrats we will succeed.  At least one member of the Senate has already introduced legislation that would legalize cannabis entirely.

Stone said the USCC would also support additional federal funding for unbiased research into the medicinal benefits and properties of cannabis. “Extensive and well-funded research in Israel indicates the potential for medical breakthroughs and better research in the United States is vital.”

For more information or to lend your voice and / or financial support to the

United States Cannabis Coalition, visit




  1. Glenn JJ Amandola Reply

    I fought & won the fight to legalize medicinal marijuana in NY State. Looking forward to continuing the fight nation wide..Many retired Law Enforcement Officers who were Injured in the line of duty Want access to medicinal marijuana & support its legalization. Especially those who were injured in 9/11 & suffer from PTSD & other disorders where medicinal marijuana has shown to be more effective than addictive pharmaceutical drugs..

  2. Cretins Reply

    It should be completely obvious to our governments, after more than 40 years of dismal failure to suppress illegal drug use, that their policies in this area do not work and will never work. It should be completely obvious, a simple logical step, to realize that by decriminalizing drug use, and making the supply of all drugs available to those adults who wish to use them through legal and properly regulated channels, we could, at a stroke, put out of business the vast criminal enterprise that presently flourishes on the supply of illegal drugs.
    It ought to be obvious, but somehow it is not.
    It appears to be a natural human urge, as deep-rooted as our urges for food, sex, and nurturing relationships, to seek out and explore such “altered states of consciousness.”
    Instead the powers that be continue to pursue the same harsh and cruel policies that they have been wedded to from the outset, ever seeking to strengthen and reinforce them rather than to replace them with something better. Indeed the only “change” that the large, armed bureaucracies that enforce these policies has ever sought since the “War on Drugs” began has, year on year, been to demand even more money, even more arms, and even more draconian legislative powers to break into homes, to confiscate property, and to deprive otherwise law-abiding citizens of liberty and wreck their lives. In the process we have seen our once free and upstanding societies— which used to respect individual choice and freedom of conscience above all else—slide remorselessly down the slippery slope that leads to the police state. And all this is being done in our name, with our money, by our own governments, to “save us from ourselves”!
    Winners and Losers
    Who benefits from this colossal stupidity and systematic wickedness? And who loses?
    The beneficiaries are easy to spot.
    First, the large and ever-expanding armed bureaucracies, funded with large and ever-growing sums of public money to suppress the use of drugs, have benefited enormously. Everyone who works for them, including the PR people and spin merchants who concoct the propaganda used to sell their policies to us, including their subcontractors both public and private, and including the (often privately run) prisons stuffed to bursting point with their victims, are the beneficiaries of this catastrophic failure on the part of our governments to think laterally, generously, and creatively. Whether you are a Drug Enforcement Administration agent or a prison guard, you naturally have a deeply vested interest in maintaining the miserable status quo, justified by the “War on Drugs,” that keeps you in your job, that ensures your monthly paychecks continue to come in, and that continuously expands your budgets.
    The second main category of beneficiaries is—of course!—the criminal gangs and cartels that the present misguided official policies have empowered as the sole source of drugs in our societies. Over the past 40-plus years they have earned countless billions of dollars from the sale of illegal drugs which, had they only been legal, would not have earned them a single penny.
    Who are the losers? First and most directly those millions upon millions of good, nonviolent people in our societies who have been jailed or otherwise punished for the possession and use of drugs. And second (regardless of whether or not they use illegal drugs themselves), virtually everyone else in our societies as well. For the quality of life of all of us has been diminished by the growth of the police state and by the murderous activities of the criminal gangs enfranchised, and kept in business, by the blind and mindless perpetuation of this failed and bankrupt “War on Drugs.”
    So, in summary, the criminalization of drug use has brought no positive effects, only negative ones, and it has not stopped or even reduced the use of dangerous and harmful drugs. On the contrary, we have been so little “saved from ourselves” by this phony war that the use of almost all illegal drugs, far from decreasing, has dramatically increased during the past 40 years.

    The War on Consciousness
    Graham Hancock    
    by Graham Hancock 

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  5. William Beacock Reply

    Great effort from this all star group of disguised heros for the very deserving cause of respecting the state voters decision to keep Marijuana legal (in some form).

    I would like to see Marijuana legalizes through out the United States much like Canada just did. It’s really a no brainer when you think about it.

  6. Yetta Tooks Reply

    Let’s waste millions enforcing and locking people up for petty offenses. Big government at it’s worst. Thanks Republicans.

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