Roger Stone Speaks Out

We’re losing badly the war on drugs. You have to legalize drugs to win that war. You have to take the profit away from these drug czars.” – Donald J. Trump, April 1990

We launched the United States Cannabis Coalition, a bipartisan ad hoc organization, to urge President Trump to keep his historic pledge to let States decide on the legalization of the sale of marijuana and to encourage the President to remove cannabis from the Schedule 1 drug classification so that doctors can research and prescribe it for their patients who could benefit.

John Morgan, the Trial Attorney, Democrat Activist and Clinton Fundraiser who provided funding and strategy for the successful Constitutional Amendment to legalize medicinal marijuana in Florida is co-chairing this vital bipartisan effort which includes Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, libertarians and progressives.

Media Matters for America is recycling the same old phony charge that Roger Stone is a racist, to mount a ‘boycott” campaign for Roger’s scheduled speech at the LA CWCB Expo – this despite long time activism in opposition to New York’s draconian, racist Rockefeller Drug Laws dating to a speech he made at the “Countdown to Justice Rally” in New York City in 2003. Other speakers included Russell Simmons and Rev. Al Sharpton. His critics propose censorship.

“Joining the Reverend Al Sharpton and Russell Simmons as speakers at the “Countdown to Justice” rally calling for reform of the Rockefeller-era drug laws was Republican Strategist Roger Stone who called the laws “racist, expensive, ineffective and unjust”…New York Post 2003

“To be clear this manufactured “boycott” is agitprop astro-turf, with all the usual trolls and bots featured in a heavy-handed but obvious smear campaign waged by David Brock and his minions,” Stone told LA WEEKLY.

John Morgan the Democrat Activist who serves as the Co-Chair of the United States Cannabis Coalition has defended Roger Stone, as have others.

Roger Stone and the USCC will not be silenced in the fight for State’s Right to legalize a medicinally beneficial plant that helps millions of Americans.