The United States Cannabis Coalition is proud to announce a new addition to our advisory board and alliance with Michael J. Bowen, the CEO of the Coalition for a Strong America and epileptic medical marijuana patient and activist. Due to our recent press release and efforts in the cannabis community Michael reached out to Roger Stone to show his appreciation, passion and support for our mission, we couldn’t be more thrilled. After personally speaking with Michael and learning of his extensive history as a patient and activist in the cannabis community I knew he would be instrumental in our future goals of rescheduling cannabis so we can perform proper medical research to really understand the potentiality and value of this historic plant. Here is a brief bio of Michael J. Bowen and his extensive work throughout his esteemed career.

Michael J. Bowen began his career in domestic and international capital markets before moving into commercial real estate development and later charitable and political projects.  Over the course of his career, Michael negotiated over $1 billion in capital market and commercial real estate transactions.  Inducted into the Ronald Reagan Congressional Committee by George W. Bush, Michael has branched into charitable and political projects including the founding of the Commercial Real Estate Development School at his alma mater.  In addition to being a former State Co-Chair for the NRCC, Michael currently serves as CEO for the Coalition for a Strong America which is well known on Capitol Hill having advised Congress and the Administration on trade and currency manipulation.  Michael serves on numerous Boards including the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida.  Strong America played a key role in getting the implementing legislation passed for Florida’s legalization of medical cannabis and is currently leading a national educational and activist campaign on Capitol Hill for rescheduling.  As an epileptic and a patient, Michael knows the effectiveness of medical cannabis first hand and can convincingly change public perception on this subject.

As CEO of the Coalition for Strong America, Michael has organized movements for stronger families, stronger communities, a stronger economy, and a stronger national security. In 2016 the Coalition for a Strong America raised over $200 million to protect or increase investments in early childhood programs in 27 states throughout the country. Selfless, social entrepreneurial efforts like these and alliances with open minded, persistent volunteers like Michael J. Bowen are only a few examples of the countless efforts and individuals we need in our fight to end the draconian war on drugs.

Especially in light of the new MEDS Act introduced by US Sen. Orrin Hatch last week, we at the United States Cannabis Coalition are thrilled to have Michael join our coalition and look forward to what we can accomplish on Capitol Hill together. We continue to encourage the mobilization of all pro-cannabis activists to join us in our fight for state’s rights!

Already joining Stone and Morgan on the USCC advisory board are; Fox News Legal Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, WBAI radio commentator and Democratic US Senate candidate Randy Credico Senator Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg), Omar Navarro Republican Candidate for Congress 43rd District – CA, Congressman Matt Gaetz R- Fla., NY State Senator Diane Savino (D-Bronx), Christian Josi  Former Executive Director American Conservative Union, Assemblyman Ron Castorina, Chairman Staten Island Republican Committee, Director of the National Indian Cannabis Coalition Jeff Doctor, Former California Superior Court Judge and 2012 Libertarian Party candidate for Vice President Jim Gray, Elizabeth Everett Texans for Trump, longtime columnist and activist Deroy Murdock,  Pastor Mark Burns, Easley S.C. , CATO Institute Scholar Doug Bandow, State Rep. Shamed Dogan R- Mo, Guardian Angels Founder and Chairman of The New York State Reform Party Curtis Sliwa,  Sgt Gary Wiegert St. Louis Police Dept, State Rep. Ethan Orr (R-Tucson), and now Michael J. Bowen CEO of Coalition for Strong America.

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