A True Trump Telecast

After a year in office, we, the cannabis community, are curious. “Where are you President Trump?”

Whether you voted for POTUS or not, whether he’s ‘Your President’ or not, believe in a year of success or failure, love or hate, Republican or Democrat, the United State’s Cannabis Coalition was formed for you – as a bipartisan coalition to fight for the rescheduling and legalization of cannabis, which would enable research to be conducted on medical marijuana as a treatment for our Veterans and to combat the alarming, growing prescription painkiller crisis killing our youth.

Cannabis legalization was not a top priority for the 2017 Trump administration, with threats such as ISIS, North Korea and Unite the Right rally’s. However, after a year of silence; no Tweet’s, no speeches, or bold action and an Attorney General who’s tirelessly fighting to ramp up the War on Drugs and put an end to the Cole Memo, we can’t help but grow impatient, frustrated and worried.

With nationwide crisis’ like, “veteran suicide and what is causing the ‘22 a day’ epidemic” and with “more than 64,000 drug overdose deaths in 2016”, we at the United State’s Cannabis Coalition can’t help but ask, when is a better time than NOW, POTUS?

If you would like to take action alongside the United State’s Cannabis Coalition in our fight to put an end to Attorney General Sessions War on Drugs and legalize cannabis once and for all please help and donate here!





— Ryan Criscuolo

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