Bi-partisan Coalition Launched To Support The Right to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Bi-partisan Coalition Launched To Urge The President To Keep His 2016 Pledge To Support The States Right To Legalize Medical Marijuana

The United States Cannabis Coalition has been established with the help of Roger Stone (politician advisor to President Donald J. Trump) and John Morgan ( Governor of Florida) to help promote a pro-cannabis approach towards medicinal marijuana. The goal is to create a group of advisors that will consider the voters’ concerns while putting pressure on the president to make a positive decision in favor of this substance at the federal level. This is going to be a bi-partisan non-profit project and one that is going to focus on the legal rights associated with marijuana.

John Morgan is a noted legal professional at Morgan and Morgan, which continues to be one of the nation’s finest law firms for personal injury cases. This is also a law firm that is noted for focusing on legalizing medicinal marijuana in Florida with the assistance of John Morgan. Stone has also spent time working on the legalization of marijuana at different levels of politics over the years.

It was in 2016 when Donald Trump made a promise to legalize cannabis across the country and the coalition is going to focus on making this a reality by putting pressure on the president and other federal lawmakers. As of right now, close to half of the states have moved forward with the right regulations.

According to those involved in the process, Donald Trump should move forward by focusing on medicinal marijuana and the role it plays in society. The hope is that medicinal marijuana can be used in different states as a way to deal with pain and other health-related concerns. Having been an advisor for Donald Trump, Stone believes he can move forward with the process and see good results.

Stone and Morgan have taken the time to develop an advisory board that isn’t leaning towards the left or right when it comes to political views. There are members from all walks of life, including Progressives, Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians. The goal is to focus on medicinal cannabis and the role it plays when used the right way. This includes focusing on how it is classified at the state level as it is assumed to be equivalent to LSD and heroin right now.

The belief is Americans are starting to understand the power of marijuana and what it can do. This is not a conventional drug that is going to do harm. When used correctly, it can assist with different pain-related symptoms along with mental illness.

In recent times, there has been a serious focus on cracking down on marijuana by individuals such as John Kelly (White House Chief of Staff) and Jeff Sessions (Attorney General) with the goal is to enforce laws that have been put in place. This goes against what the president believed was essential in 2016 during his campaign.

It was the Obama Administration that took to the time to slow down federal laws associated with marijuana possession. This was done in a way to make sure the states’ rights weren’t being overlooked during the process, as requested by Eric Holder (Attorney General). However, as of right now, Sessions and Kelly had gone in the opposite direction and looked to focus on what was happening before the Obama Administration came into action. This includes going after those who are using medicinal marijuana.

Sessions has gone out of his way to push forward the idea of a crackdown when it comes to medicinal marijuana and has written to Congress for this to happen. This was done after Republicans made it difficult for the Attorney General to hold this type of sway over what was allowed and what was not.

Based on what the results are showing, legalizing marijuana plays a positive role in society because opioid-based crimes go down. More and more Americans are focusing on using medicinal marijuana because it’s legalized in certain states, and that makes it easier to avoid opioids.

The belief is the Trump Administration is not working in line with what the president wants, and that is going against what was said in the election campaign. Stone has spent a considerable amount of time in politics and has worked with Trump closely. This should assist in guiding the advisory board and making things happen.

The USCC advisory board encompasses several renowned figures including the likes of Morgan, Stone, WBAI radio commentator, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Omar Navarro (Republican Candidate for Congress), Randy Credico (Democratic US Senate Candidate), Diane Savino (NY State Senator), Jeff Brandes (Senator), Christian Josi (Former Executive Director of American Conservative Union, Ron Castorina (Assemblyman), Jeff Doctor (Director of the National Indian Cannabis Coalition, Matt Gaetz (Congressman), Jim Gray (Court Judge), Elizabeth Everett, Deroy Murdock (Activist and Columnist), Mark Burns (Pastor), Doug Bandow (CATO Institute Scholar), Easley S.C., Shamed Dogan (State Rep), Curtis Sliwa (Chairman of the New York State Reform Part), Ethan Orr (State Rep), Gary Wiegert (Sergeant Police Department). These are just some of the members that are going to be a part of the board heading into the future and will be expected to focus on the legalization of medical marijuana across America.

The goal is to bring together people from all parts of the country to work on creating pro-cannabis legislation that is going to make sure the president also focuses on doing as promised. The Trump Administration has promised to help pinpoint the overall value of cannabis, and this advisory board should help push things along in the right direction. Members believe this is going to be the best way to make sure the approach to being pro-cannabis is economically viable and adds value using out of the box strategies.

If the Trump administration isn’t able to keep up its end of the bargain, there is going to be a different approach taken with a bi-partisan effect on different levels of government. This is going to be used as a way to succeed and make sure cannabis is realized for its medicinal purposes. Legislation has already been put forward to legalize cannabis.

The USCC has been set up to focus on bringing in more funding towards researching what medical marijuana has to offer and the advantages it provides over the short and long-term. This research is going to help demonstrate the overall potential of the substance and will go a long way in making sure America is trending in the right direction.

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