The United States Freedom Coalition (USFC) relies entirely upon donations in order to conduct our projects. As the USFC is registered as a 527 Political Group, donations are NOT tax deductible.

Any funds donated through this page will be applied to the USCC Special Project fund and will only be used on the United States Cannabis Coalition project. If you want your donation to be applied to the USFC general fund or a different specific project, please donate from the USFC main page or from the specific project’s donate page.

ATTENTION: Due to the current attitudes exhibited by the Department of Justice under AG Jeff Sessions, the USFC cannot accept donations from any entity that is directly engaged in the manufacture, sale, distribution, or processing of any product containing any substance prohibited under 21 U.S.C. ยง 812 (the federal Controlled Substances Act or ‘CSA’), to include tetrahydrocannabinols (THC). The USFC will promptly refund any donation from any entity meeting the above criterion.

We regret having this policy, but unfortunately it is necessary in the face of a Federal Government that would, and does, employ draconian, antiquated drug prohibition laws as weapons to suppress the political speech and association rights of cannabis industry participants.