Millions of Americans are getting medical relief from the use of cannabis in all its forms. When Attorney General Jeff Sessions says “good people don’t smoke marijuana” he’s wrong; sick people smoke marijuana, many millions of them.

The USCC will work to persuade President Trump to keep his pledge to protect state legalized cannabis.
The USCC is also dedicated to persuading the President to reclassify cannabis from its current Schedule 1 classification under federal law (where it is grouped with heroin and other far more dangerous drugs) so that doctors across the country can legally prescribe it for patients who could benefit and banks could conduct legal cannabis business.

The USCC also supports additional federal funding for unbiased research into the medicinal benefits and properties of cannabis. Extensive and well-funded research in Israel indicates the potential for medical breakthroughs and better research in the United States is vital.

USCC will also continue to build a coalition of liberal Democrats and libertarian Republicans in the US House and Senate to spearhead an eventual effort to introduce and pass a bill legalizing the possession and use of cannabis through legislation in the event that the Trump administration does not reverse it current plans to override the decision of 29 states to legalize cannabis use and crack down on cannabis obsession and distribution.

Make no mistake about it, the well-heeled special interests of Big-Pharma will actively oppose our efforts to reform federal cannabis law as will the “drug warriors” in the Trump Administration who are ignoring the President’s pledge. That’s why we need you to support and contribute to the United States Cannabis Coalition today.