The United States Cannabis Coalition is a bi-partisan pro-cannabis advocacy group engaged in influencing national and state level policy makers, including the President, on marijuana industry issues.

The USCC is a special project of the United States Freedom Coalition and was co-founded by Orlando Trial Attorney and Marijuana Rights activist John Morgan and Political Operative Roger Stone and is calling on the President Trump to keep his courageous pledge to protect access to medical marijuana to millions of Americans, including veterans, who use it as part of their health regime. President Trump himself said “It should be up to the States.”

The USCC is dedicated to protecting state’s rights and state mandated marijuana laws, while working to reclassify Cannabis to below a Schedule 1 level federal classification – so doctors across the country can legally prescribe it, more research can be conducted and banks can conduct cannabis business.

President Trump promised that his Administration would honor and protect state’s rights, but his Attorney General and his new White House Chief of Staff have made statements contradicting those assurances. AG Sessions even wrote to Congress seeking permission to conduct a criminal crackdown against medical marijuana businesses and users in violation of earlier Congressional action forbidding him from doing exactly that.

We must persuade the President to keep his word- and we must reach, and mobilize, millions of pro-cannabis voters to tell the President – KEEP YOUR PROMISE!