How to Pass a Drug Test with Hand Sanitizer  

Hand sanitizer has been creating a buzz lately, with many suggesting that it can help you pass a drug test. The idea of adding hand sanitizer to a urine sample to change the outcome of a test makes sense only in theory.

With many drug-altering detection methods, it’s almost impossible to change the outcome of a test.

Even so, there are many articles online recommending this new hack. Is there any truth to it? 

There’s no guarantee that this method will work. Let’s look at some of these claims to see if there’s any logic behind them. 

Does Hand Sanitizer Produce a Negative Drug Test Result? The Logic Behind It

Using hand sanitizer is not a reliable way to pass a drug test. Relying on such a method is not recommended when your job, probation status, or child custody battle depends on the results.

A study-the effect of urine adulterants on drug tests shows that hand sanitizer can alter the results of a drug test when an adulterant is added to the solution. 

This research used a substance called Asepsol, which contains Benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient.

Benzalkonium chloride did not alter the results in a drug test for opiates. The sample still tested positive for opiates. So we know it has no impact on drug tests for opiates. 

However, using the same test procedure, the sample did test negative for cannabinoids.

The research indicated that a negative urine sample for cannabis is acquired only when it’s adulterated with a hand sanitizer with five percent benzalkonium chloride.

The level of THC present on the urine sample before adulteration was 112 ng/L, while the cut-off level for cannabis in a drug test is 50 ng/L or below. This test, therefore, produced a result below 50 ng/L.

This study, however, doesn’t have much information about alcohol-based hand sanitizer and whether it has the same result.

The thing is, it’s very difficult to get your hands on benzalkonium chloride. Most hand sanitizer is alcohol based. 

There is no evidence to support the efficacy of alcohol-based hand sanitizers in diluting drug test samples. 

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Why Passing a Drug Test with Hand Sanitizer Doesn’t Work

The above study clearly shows that using hand sanitizer to pass a drug test isn’t a good idea.

What’s more, the concentration of benzalkonium chloride was more present in the drug test than the amount present in hand sanitizer. 

Meaning that even if you do use it to pass a drug test, the presence of benzalkonium chloride will show up on your test results and cast suspicion on you. 

The Hand Sanitizer Method: Step by Step Guide (Not Recommended)

If you insist on using this method, here’s how. 

Step One: Acquire the Necessary Items

Before starting the drug test, you’ll need to get all the necessary items required to conduct this procedure. You need to acquire the following items:

  • Two bottles of 2 oz. hand sanitizer
  • Thermometer
  • A few plain samples of refrigerated urine
  • Self-test urine kit for perfect practice

One hand sanitizer will be used for practice, and the other saved for the day of testing. There’s a higher probability of altering the test results if the above items are used correctly.

Step Two: Practice Before Taking the Test

Take the first bottle meant for practice and remove the sanitizer leaving less than five percent of it in the bottle. Add your urine sample into the hand sanitizer bottle, then keep it in the refrigerator until it’s ready for use.

Transfer it to a microwavable container and heat it in four-second intervals. Check that the sample has been heated to 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. You must ensure the sample does not exceed this temperature for the process to work.

Step Three: Keep the Heated Sample Warm

Wear a pair of tight underwear, and place the sample in between your legs. Keep the sample there until it retains its temperature. 

After practicing this method more than once to perfect your craft, you can use the second-hand sanitizer for the final test. You can incorporate water in your temperature test if you can’t find two urine samples.

Step Four: Submit the Sample

The lab will offer you a container to put in your urine sample. You’ll probably go to the toilet to get this sample without attracting too much attention. While in the washroom, you can transfer the content of the sample you came with to the container you were given.

Return the emptied hand sanitizer into your pants. You don’t want anyone finding the bottle after you’ve submitted your urine sample.

How Much Hand Sanitizer Do You Use?

Following the above steps, researchers used one millimeter of urine. While using an alcohol-free base hand sanitizer, they used 0.15 ml and diluted it by about 20%. 

They used this amount to ensure the solution didn’t change its appearance and that the smell of the urine remained the same.

Using only small amounts of each substance while trying to find out what ratio works best is imperative. 

Afterward, you can easily scale up to a full-size sample. The best way to measure accurately is to use a one-millimeter syringe that you can find at your local pharmacy.

Testing a Larger Sample

While taking a drug test, they usually ask for a urine sample that’s at a minimum of 60ml. You’ll first measure 60 ml of your urine and then add 12ml of the hand sanitizer. 

Look at your sample to ensure that the color and the odor haven’t changed. You can then go ahead and experiment to determine whether the test will produce a negative result.

Final Remarks

While some researchers show that you can change the results of a drug test with a specific type of hand sanitizer, it’s unwise to try and cheat your way out of it since many scientific methods can prove altered drug tests.

Moreover, if the method isn’t executed well, like using a non-alcoholic hand sanitizer, for example, then the process might not work. 

Therefore, relying on such bogus internet claims isn’t a good idea, particularly if your drug test depends on essential factors such as securing a job or custody battle, as it will add more problems to the ones you already have.

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