Quick Fix vs Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is a popular way to pass a drug test. I can speak from experience that it does work but you have to get the right product and follow the instructions to the T. Two popular products right now are Quick Fix and Sub Solution. Below I have compared them in-depth so you can make the best decision for your unique circumstances.

Quick Fix is a cheaper product with a decent pass rate. Sub Solution has a superior formula and a higher reported pass rate. I recommend Sub Solution as its clearly the superior product as you will see below.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Overview

Manufactured by Spectrum Labs, Quick Fix is a pre-mixed laboratory urine engineered to mimic the chemical and physical properties of human urine, ensuring privacy and adherence to personal boundaries in testing scenarios.

Composition: Quick Fix contains several key components to emulate real urine:

  • Urea and Uric Acid: Essential for mimicking the organic urine components.
  • Creatinine: Measured as part of the urine test to indicate proper dilution.
  • pH Balance: Matches the typical pH range of human urine.
  • Specific Gravity: Within the usual range of human urine to suggest proper concentration.

When it comes to usage, simplicity is key. The product is designed for ease of use, with the following considerations:

  1. No Mixing Required: Quick Fix comes pre-mixed, which reduces the potential for error in preparation.
  2. Heating Elements: The product is accompanied by a heating pad to achieve the temperature expected of a fresh urine sample.
  3. Temperature Strip: A built-in feature to monitor that the sample stays within the correct temperature range.

Quick Fix is more cost-effective than Sub Solution. Quick Fix provides an economic solution without overly compromising on quality. However, with any synthetic product, effectiveness may vary.

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Overview

Sub Solution, by Clear Choice, is a well-known synthetic urine kit designed to resemble natural urine in both chemical properties and appearance.

Composition: My research confirms that Sub Solution contains a blend of chemicals such as:

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Creatinine

These components are essential for mirroring the natural urine’s chemical makeup. It’s also designed to have balanced pH and specific gravity levels, similar to those found in actual human urine.

Appearance: Sub Solution is formulated to mimic the natural color and opacity of human urine, thus making it a convincing substitute in appearance.

Usability: The Sub Solution kit is powdered and must be mixed with water before use. The product provides a heat activator powder that, when added, brings the mixture to body temperature. This feature is particularly important because the correct temperature is a key aspect checked during urine drug tests.

Reliability: Sub Solution has been on the market for over a decade and has gained a reputation for reliability in scenarios where synthetic urine is required. However, it is important to use the product as directed to ensure optimal results.

Comparing Quick Fix and Sub Solution Effectiveness

In evaluating the effectiveness of Quick Fix and Sub Solution, I focused on their chemical accuracy and success rates in passing drug tests.

Accuracy in Mimicking Human Urine

The composition of synthetic urine is critical. Quick Fix includes urea, uric acid, and creatinine; it also matches pH and specific gravity levels to mirror human urine. Sub Solution, on the other hand, boasts a complex formula that not only presents these elements but also emphasizes visual authenticity to look virtually indistinguishable from actual human urine.

Success Rates in Drug Tests

Sub Solution’s formula is superior in its consistency with evading detection during drug testing procedures. Its success has been attributed to its complex chemical makeup that closely simulates human urine.

Quick Fix, while being a cost-effective alternative, has been critiqued for having a basic formula which may not always pass the most stringent testing.

Both brands come with components like a temperature strip and heating options, but their efficacy can vary based on how closely the instructions are followed and the stringency of the drug testing lab’s procedures.

User Experience with Quick Fix vs. Sub Solution

In my quest to understand the efficacy of Quick Fix and Sub Solution synthetic urine, I focused on the real-world feedback from users regarding ease of use and temperature consistency, two critical factors for success in passing a drug test.

Ease of Use

My research into user experiences revealed a mixture of opinions. I noticed that users appreciated the straightforward preparation process of Quick Fix; it comes premixed, which means it can be ready with just a few steps. You simply heat the product, attach the provided heating pad to maintain temperature, and then it’s ready to use.

On the other hand, Sub Solution requires mixing with water, which users found to be slightly more involved but still manageable. Sub Solution’s advantage lies in its heat activator powder which allows users to bring the mixture to the correct temperature quickly without a microwave or heating pad.

Temperature Consistency

Quick Fix includes a heating pad that, when users followed the instructions carefully, generally kept the temperature within the acceptable range for a few hours. However, some users reported challenges with the heating pad failing to maintain the right temperature, hence requiring constant monitoring.

Comparatively, Sub Solution’s heat activator powder received praise for its ability to reach the correct temperature almost instantly, offering users peace of mind. The ability to adjust the temperature on the spot before submission was highlighted as particularly useful, reducing the anxiety of a temperature mishap during the actual test.

Legal Considerations

In my examination of synthetic urine products, such as Quick Fix and Sub Solution, it’s crucial to understand the legal frameworks and ethical considerations surrounding their use.

Legality of Synthetic Urine

The legality of synthetic urine is complex and varies by location. In some regions, the sale or use of synthetic urine is considered a legal grey area, while other places have specific legislations against it.

It’s important for users to be aware of their jurisdiction’s stance on products like Quick Fix, which could be categorized as a device intended to defraud drug tests. States in the United States, for instance, may have enacted laws that criminalize the sale or possession of synthetic urine for the purpose of falsifying drug test results.

Availability and Purchasing Options

When considering the purchase of synthetic urine products like Quick Fix and Sub Solution, I focus on two main channels: retail availability and their presence online. Each provides different conveniences and potential limitations.

Retail Availability

In my experience, Quick Fix and Sub Solution may have differing levels of availability in physical retail stores. Local smoke shops, head shops, and sometimes novelty stores can carry these products. However, it is important to note that not all stores carry both brands, and the stock can be inconsistent. I’ve found that Sub Solution is typically less available in retail settings compared to Quick Fix, likely due to the latter’s lower price point.

Online Market Presence

In terms of online market presence, both Quick Fix and Sub Solution have strong visibility. They can be found on their respective official websites and are also listed by various authorized resellers. Here are a few key points:

  • Quick Fix is often highlighted for its affordability. A 3 oz bottle usually costs around $29.
  • Sub Solution tends to be priced higher, reflecting its position as a premium product.

It’s important to purchase directly from official websites or authorized resellers to ensure product authenticity and access to customer support. Bulk purchasing options are often available online, providing discounts for larger orders.

Product Formulation and Ingredients

In my analysis of synthetic urine products, I focus on the authenticity of the chemical composition and the practicality of shelf life and storage.

Chemical Composition

Sub Solution and Quick Fix mimic human urine’s natural components. Sub Solution is known for its complex formulation that includes 14 different chemical compounds, enhancing its ability to undetectably substitute real urine in tests. It also does not contain biocides, which are often used in other brands to extend shelf life but can be a detection point in sophisticated testing.

Quick Fix, on the other hand, has a formula that sufficiently satisfies basic testing requirements. The product has been successful in the past but may not meet the bar set by more current and stringent testing technologies.

Shelf Life and Storage

The shelf life of synthetic urine is imperative for its readiness and viability.

  • Sub Solution:
    • Shelf life: Typically up to one year.
    • Storage: Should be kept at room temperature.
  • Quick Fix:
    • Shelf life: Can last for approximately two years if unopened.
    • Storage: Advised to store in a cool and dry place.

For both products, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to ensure the chemical composition remains stable until usage.

Customer Feedback

Quick Fix synthetic urine, with a history spanning over 15 years, has gathered a strong customer base due to its longevity in the market. According to user reviews, Quick Fix is appreciated for its:

  • Affordability: Offering reasonable prices for both their standard and plus sized kits.
  • Consistency: Many reports suggest that Quick Fix has a track record of delivering expected results.

Sub Solution synthetic urine also boasts an impressive reputation with:

  • Near-perfect effectiveness: Users have reported successful outcomes.
  • Long-standing market presence: Launched in 2002, its longevity speaks to its quality.

Expert Endorsements

Quick Fix:

  • It’s been mentioned by reviewers as one of the best-known brands, indicating a level of trust by experts who recognize its place in the market.

Sub Solution:

  • Expert reviews often highlight Sub Solution’s premium ingredients and state-of-the-art formula, indicating confidence in its sophisticated composition.

Both products have been subjected to scrutiny by experts in the field, and the endorsements tend to highlight their strengths in formula sophistication and successful mimicry of human urine’s chemical properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I cover popular questions concerning Sub Solution and Quick Fix synthetic urine products, their differences, where to purchase them, reliability, and proper usage.

What are the key differences between Sub Solution and Quick Fix synthetic urine products?

Sub Solution is known for its complex formula that mimics the chemical properties of human urine, including pH balance and specific gravity. Quick Fix also contains essential components like urea and uric acid, but may lack some of the sophisticated elements found in Sub Solution.

How do the reviews for Sub Solution synthetic urine compare to those of other brands?

Reviews suggest Sub Solution has a higher rate of success in drug tests due to its advanced formula, while other brands like Quick Fix are noted for being economical but potentially less reliable in updated testing scenarios.

Where can I purchase Sub Solution synthetic urine?

Sub Solution can typically be purchased online directly from the manufacturer’s website or through authorized resellers.

Can synthetic urine like Quick Fix Plus be detected in standard drug screenings, such as those at Quest Diagnostics?

While Quick Fix Plus is designed to pass unnoticed in drug tests, advancements in testing technology may potentially identify synthetic urine if the formula isn’t updated or the product isn’t used correctly.

What are the proper temperature requirements for Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine prior to use?

The ideal temperature for Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine is between 94°F to 100°F, to match the natural temperature of human urine at the time of urination.

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